Sparkle While You Shoot + A Bonus Video

As you may remember, I got my first fancy camera, a Canon T3i, this summer and as most budding photographers do, I’ve been carrying it everywhere. I still don’t have a suitable bag for it but I’ve temporarily ditched that quest in favor of finding or DIY-ing a cool camera strap.


Cool Camera Strap Options

I came across several options and I’m leaning toward some version of one of these. I love the rhinestones below via Virginie’s Cinema.


rhinestones - cool camera strap option


cool camera strap
And I’m digging the very simple sequins via Glitter ‘n Glue. This one reminds me of a belt I once owned and then turned into a bracelet. Talk about multipurpose!


Cool camera strap: sequins, no lace.


This Mod Podge version via Funkytime is nice but I’m a little concerned about the glitter rubbing off onto things that aren’t necessarily enhanced by glitter. It’s pretty though and the rhinestones add a bit more bling to an already blingy strap!
Cool Camera Strap: Glitter and rhinestones!


Cool camera strap for DSLR with glitter and rhinestones.

This last one I found via MadeByGirl is not a DIY project but is designed by Sarah Frances Kuhn. It’s quite glamorous and reminiscent of the straps on Chanel purses. It might be a touch too thin though. There’s something to be said for a substantial strap that supports the weight of your camera.

glamourous - cool camera strap

I really like the DIY aspect and I like what Virginie did with the rhinestone design a lot. I love how the red from the original Canon strap peeks through. I also like the ease of Kristen’s sequin strap and if I could find a strip of sequins that’s thin enough to allow the Canon red to show through, we might have a winner.


Which do you like best? Have you found a cool camera strap that you love? Please let me know in the comments!

Til next time and as always, thanks for reading!

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