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Winter Skin Tips for Amazingly Soft Skin

23 November 2015

Winter is coming and with it comes the White Walkers: women with ashy skin, cracked cuticles and frightful feet. Not a pretty sight. But you can avoid all the awful effects of blistering winter winds and hot dry air from indoor heating systems by incorporating a few of these winter skin tips into your daily routine. Small, consistent steps will yield irresistibly touchable skin so let’s get right to it!…

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#ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB ~ Review

12 October 2014
Personal grooming is eternal. And expensive. With all the appointments made and products purchased to keep ourselves even reasonably coiffed, we can easily rack up thousands of dollars a year in beauty spending. Thankfully there are sites like Lifebooker and Groupon that offer discounts on grooming services but there are plenty of in-between, maintenance sessions that we do on our own at home.
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Surf’s Up for Summer ~ #SurfsUpVoxBox

13 August 2014
I love the beach! And by love, I mean I LOVE the beach. There’s nothing better than the surf, the sun and the sand and if you throw in a warm ocean breeze, I am in heaven. This weekend, I’m finally going!! It will be my first beach trip in a couple of years and I’m so excited. My friends go fairly often but they always seem to choose days that I happen to be working but not this time!
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