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The Most Gorgeous Smartwatch Ever!

21 January 2017

Whenever I get a new piece of technology, I like to live with it for awhile before I share it with you. Sometimes it’s a really long while but I like to be thorough. One of my newest favorite tech gadgets (I’ve had it for seven months) is the Huawei (pronounced WAH-Way) Watch Jewel and it is gorgeous!  Rose gold, laced with sapphire coated glass, Italian leather and dripping with Swarovski Zirconia, the Huawei Jewel is a masterpiece.…

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5 Awesome Phones to Replace the Galaxy Note 7

13 October 2016

Now that Samsung has recalled its flagship Galaxy Note 7 and halted production of the phone, lots of folks (2.5 million) will need to return and replace their fancy but flawed devices. Why the recall? Short story: the devices are catching fire and Samsung can’t figure out why.

What Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Should Do Now

If you own a Note 7, please don’t think that you’ll be able to stick it out and avoid the recall.…

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Can Cornetto Commitment Rings Keep You From Cheating

4 June 2016

Here’s how it goes in my world:

Me: Have you caught up on Billions yet?
Him: No. Have you caught up on Game of Thrones?
Me: You know I haven’t.
Him: How would I know that?
Me: Because I’m more than a full season behind on Thrones!
Him: How is that even possible? I want to talk TV.
Me: So do I.…

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Diamond Tears Amp Your Sound and Style

6 May 2016

I love a double-duty gadget and I’m super excited about the wave of high-tech gadgets and gear designed to double as ultra stylish accessories. It’s a Gadget & Glamour Girl’s dream come true and makes planning everyday looks much more fun! I just got a pair of the head turning Monster Diamond Tears Headphones and I fully consider them to be a snazzy addition to my jewelry and accessories wardrobe.…

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