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Effortlessly Create New Habits and Rock Your Year

Create new habits with ease. The Patranila Project

Let’s talk about fresh starts and forming new habits. We all have times in our lives where we want to change our behavior for the better and create new habits for ourselves. This could be getting in the habit of eating healthier and drinking more water. Or it could be work related, or spiritual, or… There are so many areas in our lives that could be improved and made easier if we created new habits.

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Word of the Year 2016: Pleasure


2015 was a good year. 2016 is going to be even better because I’ve designated Pleasure as my Word of the Year!

Pleasure. The word itself feels good rolling around in your mouth.

The older I get, the more I realize that life should be fun. I mean really feel good. There’s no one on a death bed reminiscing about how hard they worked and how good that felt.…

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Three Inspiring Takeaways from #BlogHer15

Last week, I attended my first BlogHer Conference here in New York. Now in it’s 11th year, the BlogHer Conference is an annual event that brings bloggers and brands together for three days of inspiration, information and connection. This year’s theme was ‘Experts Among Us’ that focused on recognizing the wealth of information contained in your peer group which, by the way, includes you.
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2015 Word For The Year: Elevate

Happy New Year!


As we ease into 2015, lots of folks are choosing their Word For The Year. Not familiar? A Word For The Year is like a guiding principle, something you’d like to apply to your whole life. Different, and some say better, than a resolution. Whereas resolutions are focused on a specific goal, a guiding principle can touch every area of your life.
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