Project: Patranila

I’ve Been…

I’m so excited! This is my first tag, granted by DaVida Chanel. I am officially on vacation this week but I’m thrilled to post from my mental vacation on the big island of Hawaii.

Here are my six things:

1. I just now completed my Letter to Santa and I hope he gets it in time. I know it’s late, but hey, I’m a procrastinator.

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Project: Patranila

Nine Fun Facts About Me

  1. I triple heart New York.
  2. I always wanted to be a race car driver.
  3. I don’t really believe I’m going to die. Ever. I’ve been building a strong case for being carried up to the heavens on a cloud like Elijah.
  4. I have four brothers and three sisters yet I feel like an only child a lot of the time.
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MBBL Episode 1: The One with the Photo Shoot

Hello Beautiful One!!

I am super excited to launch the first in a series of behind the scenes videos here at Beautifully Brilliant. This is a photo shoot I did earlier this year with my friend and visionary photographer, Kristin Anderson. It’s a very quick glimpse into the beautiful toiling present in my daily life. LOL! I hope you like… Oh!

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