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A Return to Analog: The Jord Wood Watch


Time. We’re all obsessed with it. How much of it has gone by, how quickly it moves and will we ever have enough of it. Probably not but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something cool to help you keep track of it. To that end, the good folks at JORD sent me a lovely wood watch to help ease my time struggle and look good while doing it.…

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Upgrade Your Beauty & Style For Spring


Being a blogger has its perks. To be fair, it is also a tremendous amount of work. Grueling and isolating it also comes with a high risk of a widening rear end from all the sitting, but some days, some days there are perks. Today is one of those perk days. The good folks at the Rakuten Network have a special Bonus Box that they send to 50 lucky bloggers each quarter and I am one of the lucky this time.…

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The Most Gorgeous Smartwatch Ever!


Whenever I get a new piece of technology, I like to live with it for awhile before I share it with you. Sometimes it’s a really long while but I like to be thorough. One of my newest favorite tech gadgets (I’ve had it for seven months) is the Huawei (pronounced WAH-Way) Watch Jewel and it is gorgeous!  Rose gold, laced with sapphire coated glass, Italian leather and dripping with Swarovski Zirconia, the Huawei Jewel is a masterpiece.…

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What’s In My Bag


Today I’m spilling what’s in my bag for fall. Let me say right up front, I try to travel light (OK, as lightly as possible) because New York is a travel-by-foot town and I can’t afford to be weighed down with a heavy bag. My shoulders don’t need the extra tension. The challenge then, becomes to carry everything I need without stressing my frame and trying my patience.…

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