Gems: What’s Inspiring Me Lately

Gems: What’s Inspiring Me Lately
I read a lot of blogs these days and sometimes by ‘read’ I mean I look at a lot of pretty pictures. To be fair, my feed reader is full of fashion and lifestyle blogs and those are heavily image driven. This weekend I had the chance to catch up on some of my favorite bloggers that are good with the words too and discovered some amazing posts that I wish I’d written myself. I think you’ll like them as well.


First is Sydney from The Daybook. She’s created a lovely lifestyle space where she documents her style and her life as a mom. I don’t consider Sydney a mommy blogger though she writes about her son, Everett, often and he is no stranger to the photo bomb.


via The Daybook


I am a single-no-kids kind of girl and I don’t imagine that I’ll be anybody’s mommy any time soon. So me and kids? They’re cool but talk to me when you’ve been on the planet a little longer. But Everett is special. He’s got this face that screams ‘I have a lot to say about these goings on and you just wait until I get my language skills up.’ I love kids like that! Sydney posted about their recent trip to a county fair and it is one of the loveliest posts I’ve ever read. It’s all about seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler who is amazed by absolutely everything. Remember when you were like that? Yeah, me neither but I look forward to returning there soon!


Then there’s V from Grit and Glamour. She has an amazing series on The Seven Deadly Sins as they relate to blogging. It’s genius.
And Allie from Between Dreams compiled a list of 65 Soul Stirring Quotes That Will Change Your Life. She’s right about that. The quotes are great and grouped by topic including dreams and visioning, writing and creation, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Click over, you’ll be glad you did.


via Between Dreams

And then there’s Dallas Shaw who’s having a love affair with yellow. I understand. I am too!

via Dallas Shaw
That’s all for now. I did bookmark a bunch more but I’ll share those a little later. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for reading!


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    Mommy's are cool, and yellow rules.

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