Loving My Wendy Mignot Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I am officially obsessed with pearls! It’s a big surprise to me too because I’ve never considered myself a ‘pearl girl’ but I am completely in love with my new leather and pearl necklace by Wendy Mignot. I’ve been wearing…

Girls Who (Now) Wear Glasses

Lately, it’s all about the spectacles. I recently wrote about my exciting discovery of makeup readers and though I’ve been free from the need of vision aids for most of my life, I have also discovered that I can’t see…

A Return to Analog: The Jord Wood Watch

Time. We’re all obsessed with it. How much of it has gone by, how quickly it moves and will we ever have enough of it. Probably not but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something cool to help you keep track…

Upgrade Your Beauty & Style For Spring

Being a blogger has its perks. To be fair, it is also a tremendous amount of work. Grueling and isolating it also comes with a high risk of a widening rear end from all the sitting, but some days, some…

The Most Gorgeous Smartwatch Ever!

Whenever I get a new piece of technology, I like to live with it for awhile before I share it with you. Sometimes it’s a really long while but I like to be thorough. One of my newest favorite tech gadgets…

Is Teacher Bae Inappropriately Dressed or Unfairly Targeted?

Talk about hot topics! Social media is all atwitter with photos and commentary about 4th grade teacher Paris Monroe and what she wears to work. Ms. Monroe has been dubbed Teacher Bae for posting pictures of herself in her classroom…

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