It only takes a few tweaks to your regular skincare routine to get ready for winter.

Tip One:

moisturize day and night

Double down on hydration during the winter months. Cold air and dry heat rob your skin of vital moisture so you need to replenish often.

Tip two:

switch to a heavier moisturizer

Trade your lightweight summer lotion for a cream or add a few drops of oil to your current moisturizer.

Tip three:

layer  two moisturizers

Add a hydrating serum or mist to your skincare regimen just before applying your main moisturizer. The more hydration you give your skin the better.

Tip four:

drink lots of water

Drink half your body weight in ounces. So if your scale says 150, try  drinking 75 oz of water each day.

Tip five:

stay active

As the days get shorter, it's easy to skip your workout and snuggle on the sofa instead. Regular exercise promotes increased blood flow which helps your skin's vitality.

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