why you should invest in an oura ring immediately


With the release of its 3rd generation ring, Oura has upped the ante in health tracker wearables. Adding 24/7 heart monitoring & period tracking has changed the game.


Ditch clunky watches and wristbands for a slim-fit ring that you'll soon forget you're wearing. Oura aims to give you a more complete picture of your health.

the devil is in the details

With 7 temperature sensors, Oura gets to know what your 'normal' is and shows you how minor changes in your lifestyle can affect your overall health.

your lifestyle vs your health

Learn how exercise, stress, alcohol, or travel affect your day-to-day health and easily track your sleep, readiness, and activity trends.

When you're doing well, Oura lets you know it's time to take on a challenge. Or when it's time to rest.

oura ring Gen 3 upgrades

24/7 Heart Monitoring Daytime Restorative HR Detection More Accurate Period Tracking Workout Heart Rate  Blood Oxygen Level

precise sizing for optimal fit

Choose your perfect size before ordering. Pro Tip: Wear the sizers on different fingers for a few days before making your selection.

oura ring: six finishes

Choose silver, gold, rose gold, black,  matte black, or titanium. Plenty of options for what is, in my opinion, the best health tracker available.

Best Sleep Tracker 2022 Men's Health

Disruptor 50 List 2023 CNBC

Best App, Health & Wellness 2023 Webby Awards

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