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5 Ethical (And Chic) Jewelry Brands You'll Love

Sustainable. Ethical. Beautiful.

These are the qualities we increasingly demand of our purchases. Thankfully, there are several jewelry brands giving us just that. 

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability has come to mean a few different things. To simplify, it's goods produced with the preservation of our planet and her people in mind. Here are five jewelry brands doing it beautifully.

Chic fine jewelry pieces made from 100% recycled gold, sustainably sourced pearls, and conflict-free diamonds. Look for the collab with Kerry Washington for extra glam.


Agmes takes a zero-waste approach to design and production. All metals are recycled and crafted by local artisans and all production is done locally in NYC.


French for 'true,' VRAI specializes in growing diamonds in the US with 100% renewable energy.  Certified Carbon Neutral, they produce gorgeous gems with zero emissions.


Dedicated to creating a human-centric business, Accompany crafts handmade jewelry using indigenous artisans. Their fair trade practices support local industries and protect cultural traditions.


A favorite of Meghan Markle, Monica Vinader uses 100% recyled gold vermeil & sterling silver. They offer lifetime repair and ship in 100% recycled packaging.

Monica Vinader

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