Weekend Notes: September Mood

The first week of September is coming to an end and for the life of me, I can’t get my act together. Fashion Week started yesterday, I haven’t confirmed attendance at a single show, my inbox runneth over, and all I want to do is curl up on my sofa and read while sipping tea. Shout out to the New York Public Library iPad app. Who am I right now!

Patranila walking in SoHo
{photo from Fall 2016}

Total truth, I’ve been off my game since returning home from my birthday trip to Hawaii. That was in July. (Pics and vids coming soon, I promise.) My friend Shelley warned me before I left that Hawaii has a way of kidnapping folks. Folks is me, I am folks. My body came back but Hawaii has my heart and New York just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Again, who am I?

I was born in New York, raised in New York, failed in New York, and have known great joy in New York. I have always been a wholehearted supporter of John Updike’s quote: The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding. Yes! Because New York is all the things!

Until it’s not.

The beauty and majesty of Hawaii defies all language. It is unreasonably and spectacularly stunning and I cannot wait to get back there. I’m certain I’ve found my forever home.

But until I work that out, I’ve been contenting myself with other things. Mainly improving my surroundings (both inner and outer), my wardrobe, and my relationships. Here’s a small sampling…

Currently Loving… {September}

My home has been getting upgrades and makeovers since my return. Right now I’m refreshing my bathroom with a little rough edginess. I found this super cool wall shelf and this industrial pipe hardware that I love.

I’m losing most of the color on my walls in favor of varying shades of white. I need the clear space right now, a blank canvas. Two favorites are Bit of Sugar and Swiss Coffee. I’d say that’s appropriate.

Spending so much time in nature this summer has really helped me get more in touch with the urgent need to protect our planet. It’s the only home we have. To that end, I’m obsessed with using (and working with) brands that are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.

I’m in love with these Sweaty Betty leggings. They’re made from 76% recycled polyester and 24% elastane and each pair contains 17 post-consumer PET plastic bottles. The dark camo print is perfect for fall.

I also adore Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate treatment and their commitment to removing plastic from the ocean. And my new favorite sunscreen is from lovesunbody. Their 100% natural mineral sunscreens in SPF30 and SPF50 are chemical-free and reef-safe.

As you know, I’m totally obsessed with Pat McGrath Labs and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new Skin Fetish foundation. And as we’ll soon feel the cooler, drier air of fall, I’m stocking up on my favorite lip serum and body moisturizer.

When I venture forth, perhaps I’ll see you at the Broken Shaker for a tropical cocktail or two.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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