And we’re back!

It seems I took an unofficial and un-scheduled break from blogging for most of this month and with good reason. July is my birth month and like all good obsessives, I prolong things and celebrate for the full thirty-one days. So I’d say I was too busy living my life to write much about it. I’m cool with that but I would like to share some of the highlights with you and to that end, I’ll be doing a mini-series of Recap Posts in photo diary style to bring everything current.
Kicking it off, here are a few pics from my birthday celebration. I went very low-key this year with two of my BFFs on a rooftop in midtown NYC.


Gorgeous night!
Yum, truffle mac & cheese.
Me, refusing to smile because I was tired of grinning!
The Girls!

It was a perfectly lovely evening in a really cool spot on a very hot night. That’s my New York! For more photos, check out my Instagram @patranila.


A Little Fun Before the Storm!


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