Jumping Jelly Bean

She’s back!! A few weeks ago my phone crashed, taking with it a not so small percentage of my sense of self. And I’m only kind of kidding. I had to replace the motherboard. Who the hell ever heard of replacing the motherboard in a cell phone? Well, I got her back and spent many hours re-installing my apps and adjusting the settings and I’m happy to report, my digital life is back to normal.

I freaked out just a little when I got a notification about updating the OS to Jelly Bean which is counter-intuitive for me because the whole reason for having a pure Google phone is to have the latest software updates well before they get pushed to other Android phones on the market. I was a bit gun shy having spent so many weeks without it but I took the inevitable plunge, and all is well.


Then I thought that since she got a brand new inside, it was only fitting that she get some new bling for the outside in the form of a sparkly hard case. It’s a little out of the norm for me but it’s cute.



I’ll have to see how long it lasts! Til next time…

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