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Hot Ticket! Bestsellers of 2023 Revealed

I love looking back to see which products made an impact on you, my dearest reader, and the list of 2023 bestsellers in beauty, style, and home is frankly, all over the place! So without further adieu let’s wind up my January review and get into it.

patranila curling her hair with the t3 singlepass professional curling iron

2023 Bestsellers – Beauty

First up on the beauty bestsellers list is the T3 Aireluxe Hair Dryer. Not a surprise at all as this lightweight powerhouse has been a lifesaver for me when drying my hair. If you’ve got long hair or thick hair or just generally get tired when blow drying, this is the unit for you. It makes quick work of a blow out!

And for good measure, I’m throwing in the T3 Singlepass Professional Curling Iron. They’re a dynamic duo and shouldn’t be separated!

And in true synergistic form, the other top selling beauty product was the Natrol Biotin supplement. Biotin helps with the growth of hair and nails so it seems y’all were really into your tresses last year.

2023 Bestsellers – Midsize Style

By far the most active category, midsize style picks for 2023 focused on comfort and getting back to basics. And y’all are spending lots of money on Amazon!

I was surprised that this military style anorak jacket was far and away the hottest item. Followed by this spaghetti strap denim dress, this classic denim jacket, and the ultra comfortable palazzo style yoga pants. I have several pairs of these myself!

all saints shana metallic sneakers - 2023 bestsellers

2023 Bestselling Accessories

It turns out that many of us are in need of a little help in the vision department and these Peepers Blue Light Blockers were a big hit. They’re super stylish and come in several magnification levels and a few different colors. Pick up a pair on Anthropologie or Amazon.

There was also a lot of interest in the metallic sneakers by All Saints and with good reason. They are stunning!

naked cashmere hunter blanket

2023 Bestsellers – Home

And last but not least is the home category. It seems that it’s the little things with a big impact that drove this category. I always sing the praises of my SodaStream and you all seem to agree. Sparkling water on demand is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

This cashmere throw made a decent showing because, obviously, soft and warm is a winner. And this chic corner shower caddy has organized the toiletries of many.

The most popular gift was the Meta Quest virtual reality machine. Pure escapism with a natural fitness tie-in seemed to be the golden ticket for 2023. Not familiar with the Quest? Take a look at my short unboxing video for a closer look.

Cozy Home 2024

Spending more time at home comes with a focus on comfort, next-level organization, and a touch of instant gratification. Having everything on hand is true luxury.

OK lovely, that’s it for 2023 bestsellers. Up next for you is a list of my 12 favorite beauty and style buys of 2023. Enjoy and see you soon!

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