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Lately…My Notion Obsession + New Skincare

You rise or fall to the level of your systems. This is the thought that’s been on a loop in my head since the beginning of the year. Well, last year too so I’ve been experimenting with new ways to organize my life and get things done. And lo and behold, Notion entered the chat and has changed everything.

February Obsessions

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that keeping up with everything one has to do is no easy feat. And with so much technology at our literal fingertips, you’d think it wouldn’t be this hard. Trouble is, you’ve got to find the right apps (or combination of apps) that work the way your brain works in order to make sure your life runs as smoothly as possible. And the way my ADHD is set up, chile!

Notion: The Gamechanger

I’ve tried many systems and apps to organize and schedule my life but none has come close to my new Notion obsession. I’ve used Things, Airtable, Trello, Todoist, and many more productivity apps but Notion, my sweet Notion, is the queen bee.

First up, she’s aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. She had me at hello. Look how gorgeous!

patranila's notion template for 2024 goals

I started using Notion last summer for a business purpose but hadn’t yet incorporated it into my own productivity plan. But now that I have, keeping everything I need all in one place is a life saver. Plus having the flexibility to make it look exactly as I wish and integrate it with my other systems is wonderful. My Notion obsession grows!

What is This Notion Obsession and How Does it Work?

In case you’ve never heard of Notion, here’s the deal. Notion is essentially a database that helps you store, organize, and manage information. For my purposes, I use it as an all-in-one organizer and reminder system. It syncs with Google Calendar as well as many other productivity apps to provide a seamless look at everything I want to do, what I have to do now, and what’s coming down the pike.

Is Notion free? Yes it is. There is a paid version that gives a bit more functionality but for the average Lovely, the personal, free plan is all you need.

To be clear, my setup is based on a template that I purchased from a Notion creator but there are hundreds of templates created by Notion and others that are totally free and just as customizable. Or, you can build your own if you’re so inclined. But the app itself is a freebie.

Is Notion any good? You may have caught my recent IG Stories where I’m gushing about it and my other scheduling app, Sunsama, because between the two of them, I’ve become unstoppable! Notion is one of the most robust apps I’ve ever used and I’m still learning it. If you’d like to see an in-depth video of my setup, let me know and I’ll film one for ya!

U Beauty Does It Again

Now we pivot to my perennial obsession: skincare.

When I tell you I’ve fallen in love with a skincare brand that can do no wrong, best believe it’s U Beauty. I’ve been obsessed with their Resurfacing Compound for two years now and their Resurfacing Body Compound for about a year, and now The Super Intensive Face Oil is my latest obsession.

u beauty the super intensive face oil

I just added it to my nighttime skincare routine and it’s everything I want in a face oil. It’s light, moisturizing, and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling ultra soft and nourished. Some face oils can be quite heavy and leave you feeling like it’s just sitting on top of your skin but not this one. She’s a dream.

It’s Universal Standard For Me

Last on my Lately I’m Obsessed List is Universal Standard. This maxi dress has been in my cart for weeks because I’m working on controlling my impulse purchases, but oof! I’m in love! Also, I am definitely buying it right now because it’s selling out!

universal standard athena dress - get 10% off with code

AND, brand new from Universal Standard this month is the new (US) Club Box. It’s the replacement for the Mystery Box of old that I unbox and style below, and it’s even better. Now through February 19th you can save 10% on your own (US) Club Box with code INFS-PATRANILA-USCLUB. Actually, the 10% off is site wide so shop until your heart’s content.

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch.

See you next time Lovely and until then, stay saucy!

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