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CoSchedule Editorial Calendar – Blogging Has Never Been Easier


Today I’m taking a little detour from talking about beauty to focus on the behind the scenes of my beauty blogger life. Running a blog is akin to having three full-time jobs. Planning and creating great posts, videos and photos can easily be all consuming. Keeping in touch with your precious readers, continually marketing the work you’ve done, networking with other bloggers and brands and planning your growth strategies while trying to live so you actually have something to blog about is really, really hard.…

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Training For a 5k

Spring has sprung and I am bursting out of my winter hibernation with a plan to run a 5K! Yep, I’m hitting the road and training for a 5K, The McCarren 5K to be exact, that runs on May 31st in Brooklyn.

Once upon a time, I ran quite frequently and was no stranger to the 5K circuit in New York but that was quite a while ago.…
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Magazines, music and manicures

Yay…it’s the weekend!! I have had a very busy and challenging week and I’m so looking forward to taking a couple of days to relax and unwind. This time that includes trying a new nail design, listening to some good tunes and soaking up all the gloriously fat September issues of my favorite magazines only one of which I’m reading on paper.…
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I’m so happy…

… to be ALIVE right now!!

Remember the cool 3D computer effects in Minority Report? Well welcome to the future folks! Check this out!

Awesome technology brought to you by Leap Motion for an incredible $70. Pre-orders are being accepted now. I’m so IN!!