Awesome Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Last week, I spent an afternoon with my friend, Triple C, (names have been changed to protect the guilty) as she hunted for a last-minute Halloween costume for herself. She’d already found costumes for her three, count ’em, three girls and was stuck for an idea for herself.
After what felt like the ninth store in as many hours, I suggested that she just create a costume with makeup. Boom! Light bulb moment for her, an end to pounding the pavement for me. Everybody wins! So today I thought I’d share some of the amazing Halloween makeup tutorials I found on the YouTube.
I’m a sucker for dramatic and relatively easy and some of these fit that bill. The rest are more involved but oh so cool!

Awesome Halloween Makeup Tutorials

As an eternal fan of  The Vampire Diaries, I am particularly partial to this glam vampire demon!


A very easy spiderweb look.

I adore this pop art look. So fun!


This is a compilation of quick and easy Halloween makeup ideas using makeup you probably already have on hand.

Get a little playful by adding wardrobe touches to complete your DIY Halloween look. 

The Zombie Skull Girl requires a bit more and if you’ve got the time, this is an excellent choice for a DIY Halloween costume.

 What do you think? Really good right! Looking for more inspiration? Here are a bunch of Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas and Tutorials that are perfect if you want to be ghoulish and gorgeous! Boo B*tches!

Happy Halloween!


    1. Me too! I only wish I'd gotten it together to try it this year. Maybe I'll be a weirdo and do it for NYE! Ha!

  1. Those are good! Thanks for sharing via the Sorry, Not Sorry Social!!
    Happy to have you linked up!

    1. Right!! I soooo want to do the pop art face. I'm totally in love with it!

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