Back to Blue

There’s something about autumn that always makes me contemplative and quiet. It’s in direct contrast to the whoop it up energy of summer when it’s all about friends, fun and carefree living. Fall brings an emphasis on getting focused, reconnecting with family and rediscovering personal pleasures and for me that often means a return to art and artistry, particularly music. This year, GAP serendipitously entered my space with their #BackToBlue campaign featuring the kids of famous musicians and how they define themselves in the wake of their famous forebears.
Every artist struggles with differentiation and individuality and I can only imagine what that process is for a young artist with a famous parent. My favorite of the Back to Blue series is Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy. She talks about discovering the jazz influence in her father’s classic ‘Just The Way You Are’ and how that discovery helped her make the song her own. And isn’t that the way it goes with everything? Finding the root of a thing helps you interpret it for yourself and your life. Root-finding is a thing I do often.

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