Birthing Babies: Becoming a Plant Mama In Quarantine


These COVID times have produced lots of changes in our daily lives, not the least of which has been the trend of bringing more nature indoors with houseplants. I’m please to report that I have jumped on this houseplant trend with a vengeance!

I’ve always kept a plant or two at home but hadn’t given too much thought to adding more greenery even in the midst of a total decor makeover. Not anymore! It’s plant city up in here.

My houseplant haul from Home Depot.

Houseplants bring many benefits to everyday life. Not only do they add soothing touches to your home decor, they can also provide health benefits by cleaning the air of noxious toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Also, as a single woman with neither chick nor child, I thought it could be a good idea to bring some other living, breathing entities into my home. Double score!

Houseplant Haul from Home Depot

When choosing which houseplants to bring home, my chief consideration is how hard a plant is to kill. I’m not totally neglectful but I need plants that don’t need constant attention and care. Also, they need to thrive in low-light environments because the light in my home is, shall we say, muted.

My previous residence had way more light and a fire escape on which I planted blooms on every year.

Hard to Kill Houseplant Roundup

ZZ Plant

My first choice was the very popular ZZ plant. ZZ stands for Zamioculcas Zamifolia and it’s a waxy-leafed tropical plant that does well in low light and can survive without water for up to four months. Perfecto! I bought two.

the zz plant is the queen of hard to kill houseplant
My ZZ Plants aka Zanzibar Gem

These two are doing well so far and I’m waiting for the planters that I’ve ordered to arrive so they can settle into their forever homes. Right now, all the plants are hanging out on my bar. Getting drinks, waiting on a table to open up.

Devil’s Ivy

Also known as pothos, Devil’s Ivy is another hard to kill houseplant or I should say, easy to keep alive. There, that’s better. We had tons of these when I was growing up because my mom, bless her, had the brownest thumb ever. She liked to have plants, she just never had time to tend to them. I am my mother’s daughter.

the pothos is easy to keep alive and a hard to kill houseplant
This pothos, aka Devil’s Ivy is an itty bitty thing but she’ll mature soon enough.

I have this one that’s really little and also awaits re-potting. She arrived almost dripping in water though so I want to give her roots some time to recover and settle before disturbing them. This 6-inch planter will be her home.

Angel Plants

I also bought several small plants including these two Gold Baby Ivy.

gold baby ivy houseplants
Teeny tiny Gold Baby Ivy in 3-inch pots.

And three of these beautiful Peruvian plants nicknamed Juanita. I’ll spare you the technical name. I love the leaf color and I bought them specifically to go above my bathroom vanity but I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of the leaves if they’re above my head so, I have to find another home for them.

peruvian houseplant Juanita has gorgeous pink leaves
So cute!

I’m waiting on these white ceramic planters so I can re-pot them. I’m still on the hunt for plants to fill that space over my vanity though. Suggestions welcomed.

I also bought a couple of succulents on impulse and I’m regretting that decision because I have no idea how to take care of them. I am on the struggle bus with these babies so if anyone has succulent care tips, please give a holler.

Drop a comment, save a plant life. Well, two plant lives.

When searching for plants for your home, do you look for a hard to kill houseplant or do you have a lovely green thumb? Do tell.

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