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Steal Like An Artist – Living Creatively In An Uninspired World


Hey Lovely!! I hope you’re having a great week thus far! I found this list on Brain Pickings and from the title, I was immediately intrigued. What does it even mean to steal like an artist?

At first glance, I thought I was going to get a list of ways to steal like an artist. Not so much. It’s more like a shortlist of ways to pique your creativity, get stuff done, and connect with others. Even better! Because couldn’t the world use more creativity and connection? Yes! This list is more for living like an artist wouldn’t you say? I would!

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Living Like An Artist

One of my all-time favorite resources for living more creatively, or like an artist, is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Billed as a way for people to renovate the creative soul, The Artist’s Way has inspired writers from Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) to Tim Ferris. But it’s not exclusively a tool for artists. It’s for anyone who wants to awaken or reawaken their own creative genius. And yes, we all have some!

Cameron’s master work is a 12-week journey of discovering, uncovering, and strengthening your connection to your own creativity and, for my part, a sense of living more fully. She encourages you to pursue your passions just for the sake of your own enjoyment. This, I know, is a radical concept in today’s monetize-everything-you-love culture.

In taking Ms. Cameron’s advice, I recently purchased a new keyboard so I could reacquaint myself with the little girl in me who loved the piano. Still do, by the way! My mom would be so happy!

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Steal Like An Artist? Spark Your Creativity

What can you do to (re)awaken your creativity?

  • Pick up some paints, canvas, and an easel,
  • Carve out some time to write that story you’ve been turning over in your head,
  • Try your hand at decorating a room in your home that could really use a makeover,
  • Switch up your usual makeup routine and rock a colorful cut crease.

The avenues for creativity are limitless. Just like life!

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A Few Creativity Resources For You