white flower bouquet sitting on a table

Weekend Notes: March 1

Since February came and went in a blur, it looks like March is about to be that girl. As spring approaches and winter hibernation comes to an end, my balance of indoor/outdoor living is due for a major overhaul. From decor to diet and a few things in between, let’s get ready for spring. But with a very weekend vibe.

Patranila and friends after girl's night out

Me and the girls. Photo by C. Cargill

I’m thrilled to start the month with a much-needed girls night out! There’s never a time when I’m with these beauties that I’m not lightheaded with laughter and this outing was no exception. We landed at a super cozy spot in the West Village and I enjoyed one of the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time.

Weekend At Home

Last week, I got a hankering for banana bread and decided I’d try my hand at making my own. But of course, I don’t bake so I don’t have any baking things. I settled on this 4-piece stoneware baking set and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect banana bread recipe. If you have suggestions, please drop a comment!

I also finally got my hands on the Sonos Sub Mini to enhance my TV watching experience. It’s a sub-woofer that adds the most glorious bass to whatever you’re watching, especially dramatic or suspenseful programs. It’s SO good!

Serena and Lily is having a major spring sale right now and I’m considering them because I’m looking to bring a more coastal vibe to my home. Maybe. At the very least, I’m obsessed with this gorgeous hand-knotted rug.

Getting a jump on spring cleaning is a major goal of mine this year so I’m tackling a few areas in advance of Apartment Therapy’s annual Spring Cleaning Cure. The Cure is a 10-day program designed to help you deep clean your home for the new season. It starts in April but I’m getting a head start using this top-rated electric spin scrubber to deep clean my kitchen and bath.

white flower bouquet sitting on a table

Beauty and Rest

Moving from deep cleaning to deep sleep, my Oura ring remains a staple in my wellness journey. I’ve talked about it several times here and the developers keep improving the ring’s functionality and usefulness. There’s a new Resilience measure that shows your daily and weekly recovery stats that reveal how well you’re recovering from daily stressors. It’s pretty cool. And eye opening!

And since my ring tells me my sleep habits are not so great lately (I knew that, of course) I’m taking steps. As if on cue, Pixi Beauty sent me their new Dream-y Mist and Dream-yEYE Replenishing Patches. Talk about timing! The Dream-y line is packed with humectants and antioxidants for maximum restorative benefits and contains jasmine and lavender for extra dreamy goodness.

That’s it for this weekend. See you next time.

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