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What To Watch While Stuck in the House Hiding From The Rona

Yesterday, I shared my introvert-tested Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Survival Tips and today we’re tackling Number 5 on that last, what to binge-watch while hiding out from The Corona!

My watch list is enormous so I’ll only share a few. Some I’ve seen, some I’m working my way towards and for those, I make no claims about their watch-worthiness. Those are crowd-sourced so if they suck, blame the masses.

What To Binge-Watch While Hiding From Coronavirus

Whether you’re a fan of reality, thrillers, love stories, or straight foolishness, you’re sure to find something completely enthralling to take your mind off of the pandemic that is Coronavirus. If you haven’t already, sign up for Amazon Prime which gives you Prime Video and take a tumble down the rabbit hole.


Queen Sono

For the love of badasses. All hail the Queen.

Love Is Blind

Looking for love in all the… oh wait. I haven’t seen this one yet but hope springs eternal that love is indeed, blind.

Blood & Water

Based on a true story, this tale of a Cape Town teen transfers to an elite school to discover whether or not a star student is her sister abducted at birth. This series has been picked up for a Season Two and I can’t wait. It is glorious!

The Stranger

How well do your really know the people closest to you? This is still in my queue. Apparently the woman in the hat goes around blowing up people’s lives by revealing their secrets. Scandalous!


So good to see Eric McCormack without the Will & Grace gang. This is sci-fi, time traveling goodness.


It’s Joey but not Joey! Also, I love stories about the entertainment industry. It’s a show within a show and it’s freakin hilarious.

Amazon Prime


If you only watch one thing, this should be it. Bloody brilliant!

Late Night

Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson. Biting wit. Comedy gold.


I May Destroy You

From the brilliant mind of Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum) comes a disturbingly specific and provocative tale of a young woman grappling with a sexual assault. Whew chile!


Billionaire dysfunction at its finest. It’s delicious!


Fascinating. Chilling. Yayha Abdul-Mateen is a treasure to behold. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to multitask while watching this show. It demands your full and undivided attention. Trust me.


I just started watching this one. It was a slow start but now I’m hooked. Sci-fi with a stellar cast. Season Three is launching right now so it’s a good time to get into it.

I’ll update this list as new shows/movies come to my attention. Get your popcorn and wine ready. Cheers!

Self-sequestering is easier today than it ever was. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained at home, not the least of which is  binge-watching your favorite TV shows!
Keep yourself entertained while flattening the Coronavirus curve with these 10 great TV/Film choices.


  1. I’m currently working my way through all three seasons of Designated Survivor on Netflix and I’m loving it! 🙂

    1. Patranila says:

      I may add this to my list but I know I’m gonna want Keifer to be Jack Bauer!

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