2015 Word For The Year: Elevate

Happy New Year!


As we ease into 2015, lots of folks are choosing their Word For The Year. Not familiar? A Word For The Year is like a guiding principle, something you’d like to apply to your whole life. Different, and some say better, than a resolution. Whereas resolutions are focused on a specific goal, a guiding principle can touch every area of your life.


Last year, I chose ‘mindful’ as my word for the year and this year I’m choosing ELEVATE. Why elevate? To make a long story short, during my year of mindfulness I discovered a few things, not the least of which was that several areas of my life were suffering from a sense of lowness. Let me explain. Lowness comes in many forms: low energy, low performance, low expectations, etc. My life had fallen victim to my exhaustion and my choice to pay close attention to what was happening brought it all to the forefront. Hence my desire to elevate!


So what does it all mean and what exactly will I focus on? I’ll tell ya! First on the list is my health and fitness. I took on this juggernaut last year by returning to running and it was great. This year the plan is to do even more, run further, faster and more regularly. Coupled with that is overhauling my nutrition and eating habits. That’s a biggie! There were way too many burgers and fries on my plate and though I love them, I’m cutting way back, replacing them with leaner protein and actual veggies. Yes, I know the potato is (classified as) a vegetable but let’s get serious.

I bought a FitBit Charge the other day and boy am I in love or what!!

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Some of my other elevation plans will be visible on these pages as I’ve planned a blog redesign/overhaul with more reviews and a broader topic base so stay tuned for all the goodies coming your way!

Well, that’s enough about me. Do you choose a Word For The Year and if so, what’s your pick for 2015? Sound off in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I love one word! Great post! I can't wait to read about how you have elevated at the end of the year!

  2. Elevate is such a wonderful word because it evokes such uplifting visions to me. I think we tear down so often that elevate is a key word to compensate.

  3. Elevate is a nice positive go-forward kind of word. I like it. And Happy New Year to you.

  4. This is great! I think next year I will choose "the word" although I really have a goal of simplifying things in my life so I suppose I could use "simplify" but I've already written some out….I wonder if its ok to change your resolutions. Don't you get like 13 days? LOL

  5. No words or resolutions for me. I will just be very happy when everything gets back to normal–it has been a rough few weeks!

  6. I have a fitbit flex and it is super motivating. Elevate is a great word for the new year. It makes me think of being a better me this year.

  7. I love the word elevate! It is positive and brings me visions of moving on up! Love it!

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