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Beauty and the Bedroom


Since it seems that I spend a great deal of time trolling the internet in search of a beautiful and brilliant life (I don’t know that this is at all an effective strategy) I do have the occasion to come across some really lovely things. Living beautifully starts with having a beautifully brilliant home. As Auntie Oprah says, ‘your home should rise up to meet you.’

Right now, my home is saying ‘what the hell is going on around here?’ Not exactly an ideal situation. Recognizing this flaw in my home base, I set out to upgrade some areas. I overhauled my pantry, changed the paint colors in my bathroom and dining room, and upgraded my beauty and wardrobe storage areas. A lot of good work was done but I haven’t made significant improvements in the game-changing areas. The bedroom, the living room, the kitchen.

Now most people say that home is where the hearth is and that the kitchen is the center of a vibrant and satisfying home life. I tend to disagree. As a single girl in the city who, like Carrie Bradshaw, uses her oven for shoe storage, I’m a firm believer that the center of my home is my bedroom. 

bedroom decor inspo shay mitchell
Loving the black walls in this modern, low-key glamour bedroom.

Therefore, my attention and resources will be flowing into my most important room.

Bedroom Decor Inspiration

I can’t seem to decide which way I want to go with my bedroom decor. I’m torn between romantic glamour and romantic industrial. Somehow I think industrial is the better way to go as it tends to honor my 100+ year-old house and I figure playing to the house’s strengths is easier than trying to make it look all shiny and new.

romantic industrial bedroom decor
Romantic industrial bedroom inspo.

Romantic Industrial Decor

Lisa Vanderpump turned me on to the romantic industrial aesthetic with the design of her Las Vegas restaurant designed by Nick Alain. Alain’s style can be a bit more mechanical than I’d like in my home, but his work is stunning.

nick alain romantic industrial bedroom
Romantic industrial bedroom in Nick Alain’s showroom
nick alain lachaz bedroom

Soft Romantic Bedroom Decor

Then there’s the other direction. A bedroom that’s brighter and softer. Romantic still but a little sweeter. I can’t decide!

soft romantic bedroom ideas
Neutral tones with lots of layering and texture.

Shop This Gorgeous Grey Bedroom

bedroom decor inspiration
photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg via domino
white bedroom blue chair pink pillow
photo by Ungano + Agriodimas via domino
charming dresser
photo by Waiting On Martha

What’s your romance preference? Industrial or soft?


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