Benefit’s REALvolution Lash Bash Event is Going Down in The BK

I get a lot of email every day and today I almost missed a great one informing me that I’ve been chosen to host one of Benefit Cosmetics REALvolution Lash Bash Events next month!! I’m super excited because, as you may know, I LOVE lashes and I’ve made a concerted effort to step up my eye game this year!
REALvolution Lash Bash Glambassador


What is the REALvolution you ask? Well Benefit teamed up with Ipsy and chose 1000 Glambassadors across the country to host an in-home Lash Bash party for nine of their closest gal pals on September 21st. There will be entertainment, games, cosmetics and LOTS of They’re Real mascara all courtesy of Benefit! It’s a beauty lovers dream come true.
I must say I have been loving the They’re Real mascara ever since I received a sample as part of my birthday gift from Sephora last month. It’s one of their top sellers and with good reason. When I use it, my lashes tend to rival the semi-permanent falsies I had this summer and anything that delivers that kind of length without the use of super glue is alright by me!
REALvolution Lash Bash with They're Real Mascara by Benefit
I can’t wait to host this REALvolution Lash Bash and I’ll be sharing everything on Twitter and Instagram so stay tuned and follow along for all the lash goodness! There will be photos galore! Yippee!!


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