My Bullet Journal Journey – A Flip-Through

A few days ago, I wrote about my beautiful new bullet journal cover from Galen Leather and I mentioned a bullet journal flip through video I’d been working on. Well, here it is! What’s a bullet journal Patranila? It’s a completely customizable, minimalist productivity system created by Ryder Carroll and I highly recommend visiting bulletjournal.com to get the details about the original system/setup. However, most bullet journalers use the basics of the system but go on to create journals that are anything but minimalist.

With as many variations as there are people using the system, I find it endlessly fascinating to see how people use the system or don’t. From bare bones to wildly artistic, bullet journalers run the gamut. I am somewhere in the middle.


My Bullet Journal Flip Through

Even though I’ve had several requests for a flip through video, I wanted to wait until I found a system and style that worked for me. Admittedly, that took some time to accomplish but that’s normal when you’re trying new things. I love the way this first bullet journal is shaping up and I’m excited, and a little anxious, to begin my second journal.

Bullet Journal Supplies

Here’s an abbreviated list of my favorite bullet journal supplies. As I mentioned, I’m about to transition into a new notebook and I can’t decide what color to get. I may stay with the Berry but there are so many yummy colors to choose from — it’s so hard! I think I have it narrowed down to the Berry, Royal Blue or Lemon. The yellow may be too matchy matchy with my new cover though so we’ll see.


I hope you enjoy your glimpse inside my bullet journal and I’ll probably be back with another video after I make the transition to Journal #2.

Thanks for reading/watching and stay saucy my lovely!




  1. YOU HAVE GUTS!!! I’m about to start my 3rd year/3rd volume of BuJo, and I love how you’ve video’d the whole entire thing!!! Way more gutsy than I would ever be! Have taken some screen shots of blogging-related ideas for spreads to add to my next BuJo for next year – I’ve had less luck coming up with a workable formula for lots of blog-planning-related stuff so far, and I like some of your ideas. Also the idea for the monthly review/gratitude – would like to borrow that great reflection, too! 🙂

    1. Patranila says:

      Ha! Thanks Flossie! I’m just about to go into my third volume (currently deciding on which color, yellow or blue) and I’m thinking about doing a followup to show what changed between volumes 1 and 2 and what I’ll likely do differently going into volume 3. I, too, am still looking for a supremely effective blogging-specific system. I’m getting close though.

      The gratitude/review has been a wonderful tool and reminder system. I forget everything the minute it happens. Feel free to borrow and implement! 🙂

  2. I’ve always kept a journal but never really tried a bullet journal. Now I am using Evernote and my very disorganised notes seem like a fit for this!

  3. This is so cute and an easy way to keep everything together! I really want to get something like this to store my ipad and bits and pieces because at the moment I have a compendium that can only fit a notepad and pen

    1. Patranila says:

      I really like that I can store all my analog as well as digital devices. It’s definitely an all-in-one.

  4. I can’t keep a journal. My children are always ripping out the pages to write what they want and it’s always when I’m not looking. LOL Even if I hide it, they find it. They are like hound dogs! They sniff it out.

  5. This is a really nice post. It is always to see how other people use things because that way I always collect bits and pieces to use later.

  6. Nice! Thanks for sharing your journal & tips you’ve learned throughout the year. I love seeing how others use theirs & incorporate bits & pieces from their experience.

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