Customize Your Eyes With The Butter London Shadow Clutch


It seems that there’s a new crave-worthy beauty product released every day. Well, maybe not every day but quite frequently indeed. Today all eyes are on the new butter LONDON Shadow Clutch that houses six customizable, primer-infused, oil absorbing eye shadows for your beauty-loving pleasure.

The trend toward double duty beauty products continues and butter LONDON steps boldly into the arena with the Shadow Clutch eye shadows. Available in two distinct palettes, Natural Charm and Pretty Proper, these gorgeous shadows provide rich, long-wearing color that is both blendable and buildable. And because the palettes are fully customizable, you can create a daytime look and switch out the colors to create an awesome evening eye look by choosing from the four available Wardrobe Duos.

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch. Customizable eye shadow palette for beauty on the go.

I’ve been playing with the Natural Charm palette which is warm in tone and with Wardrobe Duos in Moody Blues and Fancy Flutter. Here’s a look that I created using Linen, Quartz and Sapphire. The colors were so gorgeous and still looked so good after hours of wear, I didn’t want to take them off at the end of the night!

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Eye Shadow

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Details:
Natural Charm: Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather
Moody Blues: Sequins, Sapphire
Fancy Flutter: Plume, Feather

butter LONDON Shadow Clutch in Natural Charm and Wardrobe Duos in Moody Blues and Fancy Flutter

I love everything about this palette. For me, it’s all about color and convenience. The colors are vivid, heavily pigmented and blend quite easily. The clutch is easy to hold and is highly portable. Other palettes are difficult to travel with because they’re often long and cumbersome but this compact clutch is genius. I also appreciate the small, dual-end brush that fits into the compact which makes it easy to do touch ups or evolve a daytime look into a nighttime look. I don’t like carrying my brushes with me to do midday changes and this solves that problem beautifully.

The best part though is the customizable factor. I am a sucker for a capsule collection and being able to mix and match to create the perfect palette for any occasion is simply delightful. I can’t wait to try more combinations and create more stunning looks!

The Shadow Clutch is available at butter LONDON and at Ulta Beauty for $39 each and the Wardrobe Duos retail for $15 each.

* Press sample provided for review and testing.




  1. That palette is so rad! Love it and Butter too! Great share 🙂

  2. These are great colors and a great pallet! I love the colors. I want to up my eye makeup game! Thanks!

  3. Love this! People are so talented with what they can do with makeup! I’m def pinning this for future Halloween ideas. I love that bride of Frankenstein:-)

  4. Pretty colors. That is cool that it is customizable.

  5. I often forget to use primer when applying my makeup! Lol! This sounds like an awesome compact.

  6. Yassss to primer being in the eyeshadow! I’m lazy the quicker I can get it done the better lol. I like how compact the individual colors are. That’s probably weird but whatevs lol

  7. It’s so pretty love how it turned out too on the eyes. Love that it’s easy to carry around so if you need something quick you can use this.

  8. Whoa?! Primer infused, now that’s kinda dope. Love the shades of eyeshadows and that you can customize it the way you like.

  9. Great product with beautiful shades. I love that primer is included in the eyeshadows and that it is customizable is an added bonus.

  10. I love the idea of the primer being in the shadow. That’s one less thing to apply.

  11. These colors look great. And an eyeshadow that fights oil and doesn’t need a primer sounds almost too good to be true.

  12. I like playing with eyeshadow but have never thought about getting a customizable pallet. It sounds like a good investment if you wear it a lot.

  13. That palette looks really pretty! Love the way you mixed the colors on your lids, gorgeous!

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