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I’m always amazed that in our hyper-connected world, so many of us still suffer from feelings of isolation. With three million ‘social’ networks, ubiquitous laptops, cell phones and tablets we’re more connected to each other than we’ve ever been in history yet on a disturbingly regular basis, I and my friends mention really craving face time. And no, not that Facetime provided by Apple!
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Hey Loves! If you follow me on Facebook or Google+, you may be aware that I recently launched a new website and creative career coaching service, Greenlight Yourself. The site is primarily a resource and creative inspiration hub for people in the arts, particularly actors. I launched it because when I first got into the industry, I had NO idea what I was doing and I wish now, that I’d had someone to guide me through those early years.
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… for Keilon and Justis, Jordan, Sterling and Christian, CJ and Christopher, Messiah, Barry and Shamel. My young and precious nephews.


Trayvon Martin

February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012


This is Lonnie, my nephew. Born February 6, 1995, one day after Trayvon Martin. I pray that I will never have to see a second date posted after his name.
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Flowers for Patranila
I love Sunday! Sunday morning in particular. No matter what the week before has held, Sunday morning washes it all clean with peace and tranquility. Can’t get enough of Sunday morning!
And, I secretly expect my Prince Charming to show up at my door because he’s lost and is the only man on Earth to ask for directions.
Also, I am really obsessive and tend to do things I love over and over until the pleasure wears off.
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