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Since I recently posted about my skincare routine, I thought I’d share some of my everyday beauty choices with you as well. I usually have to get myself together fairly quickly because I tend to cram way too many things into my day and often run out of time to get it all done. Then I’m dashing through my apartment pulling my look together in a hurry. I have a makeup ‘uniform’ that lasts all day (aka no touch ups) and can be done in six minutes.


I start by concentrating a small amount of foundation on my t-zone and blending outward for light coverage. Then I fill in any patchy brow areas with a brown shadow mixture I’ve perfected, followed by the Smashbox eyeshadow trio in Headshot. This Smashbox trio gives a natural look with the perfect bit of shimmer. Then it’s a swipe of smudge proof eyeliner and waterproof mascara both of which are must-haves.





My eyes are extremely sensitive to wind any breeze and cool temperatures so I’m always tearing as I walk to the subway. Super annoying for sure and even worse when my mascara is running down my cheeks before I’ve even left my neighborhood. I finish up with a sheer or clear lip gloss from MAC, NYX or Benefit. Really in love with Sugarbomb by Benefit these days!


That’s it! Quick and easy. Do you have an everyday beauty uniform or fave product you won’t leave home without? Leave a comment and let me know.
Thanks for reading! Til next time, stay beautiful!
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  1. I LOVE makeup, but an everyday “makeup” look for me is a facial moisturizer and lip gloss. lol I have no patience to wear makeup in the week unless I’m going out after work or the weekends. This routine is super simple for a beginner though.

  2. I am not a huge makeup person, so this is helpful for me because this routine seems very simple. And I need the simplest thing possible.

  3. I’m always curious about other people’s everyday makeup routine. Currently, I’m keeping it really simple until my nose piercing heels so I’m just doing liner, mascara and my lips.

  4. I have major allergies so I feel your pain when it comes to the teary eyes. I have to get my hands on that Armani foundation, I hear it’s really good

  5. My preferred everyday look consists of lipgloss or a light lipstick & mascara. Some days I’ll add eyeliner. That’s it.

  6. I’ll be trying this quick routine out! Thanks for the post!

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