It’s New Year’s Eve — Again


Happy New Year!! To me that is. Tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY and I feel incredibly fortunate to have a birthday that’s smack dab in the middle of the year. I get to start over twice a year. Yippee!!


A couple of weeks ago, I read on Life in a Venti Cup about Franki’s week-long recharge plan and was really excited to join her to see how much my life could change in a week if I made a few minor tweaks. It seemed like a lot of fun and my desire for the quick fix kicked right in. I wrote to Franki and told her I was on board. I was all prepared to give up time drainers like TV (she went cold turkey but I was only prepared to give up daytime watching) and addictive computer games to immerse myself in all the challenges at hand.


Then, I had another thought. Instead of jumping in with both feet before checking for barracuda, I decided to take a different approach. Hence, I’ve been using the last two weeks to think about what I really want to accomplish in this coming year. And rather than tackling a week-long challenge, I’m take a page from the Presidential Playbook and planning My First 100 Days. Monumental, yes. Significantly harder, no question. But with an upside that could completely overhaul my continued existence on the planet. These are the things that really get me excited. So, just for fun and a little accountability, I’m sharing with you a brief smattering of the things on my 100 Days List and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s all going…


In no particular order:
1. Get rid of every unnecessary item in my home.
2. Go on a real vacation.
3. Apply for a pistol permit.
4. Begin sailing lessons.
5. Write two songs for Crazy Black Chicks, The Movie.
6. Practice more patience, more gratitude and less complaining.


Some stuff on my list is not closed-ended or quantifiable (like the complaining thing) but will, nonetheless, have a tremendous impact on my daily breath.


Tomorrow begins my Act II. In popular film story structure, Act II is where all the complications, road blocks and challenges arise to keep the Hero from achieving her heart’s desire. This is where she must prove how badly she really wants what she’s been dreaming of. Look out world, I’ve got some proving to do!



  1. Such a cutie baby pic! Happy late bday and I look forward to reading about your desires manifesting!

  2. That is the most adorable baby pic EVER! And the goals stuff is pretty right on too… ;-D

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