June Photo Diary ~ FDNY

New York City Life
I love New York. I love it for the simple fact that you can round a corner and find any number of spectacles with which to be intrigued, horrified or just plain bored. The FDNY never fails to create spectacle, the good kind.
You never know what kind of emergency they are responding to but each one is business as usual for them. I don’t know if that’s true for all fire departments or if it’s quintessentially New York. New Yorkers are famous for taking things in stride and I find it endlessly interesting that there will always be some people who are curious but most are too busy, disinterested or disinclined to inquire or even really take notice.
Life in New York City
Patranila's Photo Diary


Patranila's Photo Diary

To report a fire, dial 911. This is my New York.

 Images by patranila.


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