NYC Weekend Wrapup

I have to say that this was the quintessential NY weekend. The weather was great, there was so much to do and my besties Abiola and Kristal were along for the ride! 
First stop was the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in and around Madison Square Park. Pitmasters from all over the country were serving up the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted and people were lined up for blocks to get a taste of the goodies. Even Guy Fieri was on hand!

Abiola got a little pig. I didn’t.

Kristal and Guy.
After we got our bellies full, we goofed around at the Keurig Vue Mobile Tour replete with green screen for added tomfoolery.  

I do indeed Brew Bigger.

Then there were cupcakes…

And a brief stop at a gallery in the Meatpacking District after lounging on the High Line.

All in all, a damn good time! How was your weekend? 
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BBQ Images by iCreateTv. All others by patranila.


  1. Visiting from Triberr, one of your Triberr buddies. I love your pictures and it looks like you had SOOO much fun. I am a bit jealous … :-), Susan Cooper

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