Operation Get Your Life: Getting Fit and A 30-Day Ab Challenge

Operation Get Your Life: Getting Fit and A 30-Day Ab Challenge

This year I’ve focused a lot on the systems in my life, what’s working and what’s totally not working and I’ve embarked on a new operation. It’s the Get Your Life plan that started with forming my very own Mastermind Group and now I’m on to the next phase: getting fit! 

You see, I’m a summer baby (July 1 for anyone who would like to send well wishes and/or a gift!) and I hibernate hard in the winter. When everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions and starting new routines, I’m tucked away on my super comfy sofa eating warm apple pie a la mode and watching my favorite TV shows. But in the spring, ahh, spring is when I venture back into the land of three dimensional people and get down to the business of improving my life.

Recently, I was browsing my fave fashion blogs and came across Eboni’s 30-Day Ab Challenge on The Fashionista Next Door. Bingo! The perfect start for Phase Two of Operation Get Your Life. (Eboni has a whole #GetMyLife blog series going on over there that you should definitely check out!) I even recruited some friends to join me and we’re keeping up with each other on the Twitter (@patranila). 

Get Your Life: 30-Day Ab Challenge

The idea is a simple one, start working on your abs and increase the difficulty incrementally over 30 days. We’re on Day 7 but it’s never too late to jump in and reap the rewards of a stronger core!
I must warn you though, it’s not quite as easy as it looks but it’s good stuff. For me, it’s the leap pad for more fitness related activities (read: working out regularly). So feel free to download the image above and join in the fun! And don’t forget to leave a comment or tweet me so I know you’re suffering working out along with me!

30-Day Ab Challenge: Ab Exercises

  • Sit-ups – Start with 15, add 5 more each day, and end at 125 sit-ups.
  • Crunches – Start with 5, add 5-10 more each day, and end at 200 crunches.
  • Leg Raises – Start with 5, add 2-3 each day, and end at 65 leg raises.
  • Planks – Start with 3 seconds, add 3-5 seconds each day, and end with a 120-second plank.
get your life - 30-Day Ab Challenge
30-Day Ab Challenge Schedule
I will do a follow up post or two but I will spare us all any before-and-after shots of my belly! I will file that under #ThingsTheWorldDoesntNeed!
Thanks for reading! Til next time…

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