Summer’s Breeze

As the last days of summer float by and every fashion blog and magazine has turned toward fall, I’m trying to hang on to warm weather life for as long as possible. Right down to my fingernails. Last week I tried to get on the pre-fall bandwagon by painting my nails a deep, very fall-like color and it actually hurt my heart a little when I was done. I removed it immediately.
I love summer and I usually rock the vestiges of the season until long past what one would consider prudent. I’m the chick on the A train with flip flops in October. I don’t know what I was thinking by going dark so early. So to make up for this betrayal of my favorite season, my fresh manicure is a mix of springy, summery, candy colors.


I chose my favorite shade Renee (lilac) and added Bea (lemonade) a new shade from my July Julep Maven box and a little Kate because white nails enjoyed a moment this summer. Me likey!


summer-nail-colors - candy-colored nails


And in a serendipitous turn, today I auditioned for a Dairy Queen commercial for a character who was complaining about everyone’s rush to end summer! I totally felt her pain and I should book that one for sure!
Are you still clinging to summer or are you ready for fall? Let me know in the comments below!
photos by patranila
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