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What’s In My Bag


Today I’m spilling what’s in my bag for fall. Let me say right up front, I try to travel light (OK, as lightly as possible) because New York is a travel-by-foot town and I can’t afford to be weighed down with a heavy bag. My shoulders don’t need the extra tension. The challenge then, becomes to carry everything I need without stressing my frame and trying my patience.…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edit


It happens every year. I forgo brunches, drinks with friends and trips to Shake Shack so I can afford to splurge during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This year, I intend to broaden my shopping selection and not spend all my money on eyeshadow. I’ve been indulging in at-home spa treatments and daytime napping so I need some supply replenishment in that area and I also need more lipstick.…

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