chevron patterned sideboard

For The Love Of Chevron!


Once upon a time, I hated chevron. And when I say hated, I mean I would immediately skip past any post or article that extolled the virtues and glories of that God-awful design.

But one day, everything changed. While shopping for a new carryall bag, I fell in love with this little number from IZOD. First off, who knew that IZOD made handbags but let’s put a pin in that for a moment. I snapped off the tags (saving the pretty ones of course) and instantly made the bag a staple in my wardrobe.

A few days later, I read one of those pretty tags I’d saved and discovered in the bag’s description that it was actually a chevron pattern. I hadn’t even noticed because the shading was so subtle but boom, there it was! Color me flabbergasted.

tote bag and pointy toe stilettos
The subtle color variance for the pattern made all the difference to me!
Then it dawned on me. The reason that I probably hated all the chevron I saw was because it was almost always in black and white or some other super contrast-y palette. Or maybe it was a long forgotten childhood association with cheap gas from the Chevron station, I don’t know. But this subtle shading made all the difference in the world and now I even enjoy the more high contrast kind. Go figure!

Chevron At Home

This bathroom is like heaven to me.

chevron bathroom tiles

And isn’t this sleek chevron sideboard gorgeous? I adore the blue. It’s also available in white.

chevron patterned sideboard

Chevron Style

One must be careful to avoid the Charlie Brown effect when wearing a chevron pattern and I think this M Missoni evening dress handles the pattern quite nicely.

evening dress

And get a load of this dress form. Too cute!
chevron dress form
Have you ever done a complete 180-degree design or style flip? Don’t tell me, you’ve always been a chevron lover and can’t believe it took me this long. I get it. I’m slow sometimes.

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