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Hey Gorgeous! I usually write about my love of beauty and style in these pages and sometimes even I forget that my actual job is in entertainment. It’s funny how the different parts of my life take over at different times. Anyway, today I want to share a little of the other side of my life and hip you to this funny, new sketch comedy series, It’s Funny, I’m Just Saying directed by yours truly!

We shot the first season last summer and it’s been a long and winding road to the series premiere and I’m beyond pleased to give you a look at our first episode.


photo: Pat Houston
It’s Funny is written and produced by Khemali Murray, shot and edited by Kristal Mosley of iCreateTV and, as I mentioned, directed by ME!! We made quite the team. Watch one, watch them all! All comments welcome here and on YouTube! Hope you enjoy the show and here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from our adventure. For more photos, click here.




Setting up a shot with Kristal, the DP.

Watch the first episode below!


The First One Hundred: Checkpoints



  1. This is really hilarious! It's nice to have not-so-serious times at works. It keeps people sane. Agree?

  2. LOL! This is so funny! But I think that mole on the chin is the funniest part! lol!

  3. Congratulations on getting to the launch point. That's fantastic!

  4. You have a great team for your series. It looks like a really good one and it's finely shot too.

    1. The first season is six episodes and they're all on YouTube now. We'll be shooting the 2nd season later this year! Can't wait!

  5. must be quite a challenging job to direct a comedy series! kudos + good luck on your new endeavor! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the laugh. Really needed it at the end of a Monday. Gotta love the mole. 🙂

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