Get an Early Look at the 2017 Kate Spade Planner

Kate Spade Planner 2017

I’m a die-hard digital girl but when it comes to planning my life and my work, I must take pen to paper. Well, pencil to paper. I erase a lot. This year, during my on-going search for the perfect planner, I bought no fewer than three. I’m picky, have lots of requirements and am generally hard to please so for 2017, I’m getting a jump on the search by starting with the 2017 Kate Spade Planner. The beauty of this one is that it’s a 17-month planner that covers August 2016 and through December 2017. Plenty of time for me to try it out, buy a couple more and decide whether Kate can make it through the year with me. So far, I like Kate’s chances.

Kate Spade Planner 2017

The Kate Spade planners come in a variety of styles (stripes, gold dots, floral) and sizes (medium, large, mega). I chose the Large Black Stripe Agenda because I have a recently discovered that I love stripes and the Large is the perfect size. It’s not cramped and not too big.

Kate Spade Planner 2017

My Favorite Features:

  • Lay-flat design
  • Covered spiral binding
  • Monthly inspirational notes
  • Storage pockets




Other Features Include:

  • Yearly calendars for 2017 and 2018.
  • Tabbed monthly sections with an at-a-glance for the the month, daily dated notes, and ample room for monthly notes.
  • List of U.S. Holidays

The only thing the Kate Spade Planner is missing, is a list of social holidays so you’ll know when National Ice Cream Day rolls around. If anyone knows a planner that has this, please drop a line in the comments. I’d be forever in your debt!



Kate Spade Planner

Are you a total planner junkie as well? If so, please tell me your favorites and why you love them. As I said, I’ll likely buy a couple more before I settle on one so any tips are greatly appreciated!

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It'll be 2017 before you know. Get ready NOW with the new Kate Spade planner!



  1. 12 July 2016 / 8:51 PM

    I love Kate spade. The products are so girly and classy. I’ve been meaning to get a planner. I’ll look into this more. Thanks

  2. 12 July 2016 / 9:09 PM

    This is a cute planner! I get one every school year (I’m a teacher) and I give up on it, this one might be cute enough for me to stick with it!

  3. 13 July 2016 / 8:12 AM

    I suck at writing down anything anymore! Lol. The 2016 planner I bought I haven’t even looked at. I gotta try again though I know it helps with organization.

    • Patranila
      13 July 2016 / 9:45 AM

      I hear you. Even with all my options, I have a hard time writing things down consistently. But when I do, I get so much more done.

  4. 19 July 2016 / 10:46 AM

    I love Kate Spade office supplies! I found the paper in her planners were too thin for me, but its been a few years since I checked out her planners and I know they are getting more popular so maybe they upped the cardstock. 🙂

    • Patranila
      19 July 2016 / 10:54 AM

      It’s interesting that you say that Lauren. The paper in this one is fine for me, not thin at all so you’re probably right about them improving over the years.

  5. Jamela
    14 December 2016 / 10:51 AM

    Bando has a list of social holidays! 🙂

    • Patranila
      16 December 2016 / 8:21 PM

      Thanks Jamela!

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