• Last Minute Gifts for People Who Show Up Unannounced

    Last Minute Gifts for People Who Show Up Unannounced

    You know it always happens. Somebody’s cousin’s uncle shows up at your home with a tag-along. An old boyfriend from college or a stray co-worker who thought flying standby on Christmas Eve was a good plan. You know, some fool you don’t know and didn’t invite. Well here are some last minute gifts you can have on hand so everyone feels included. Even if you begrudge giving them the last piece of sweet potato pie!

    Last Minute Gifts for Stragglers

    Last Minute Gifts for Stragglers - National Chain Gift Cards

    Gift Cards from National Chains

    These are great because they’re gender neutral, spend anywhere and take up virtually no space in your home.


    Last Minute Gifts for Stragglers - Kate Spade NY Dot Candle

    Fancy Candles

    Scented or unscented, candles for holiday gifts are perfect. We can all use a little more warm light during the cold, dark winter nights.


    Last minute gifts for stragglers - L'Occitane Deluxe Soap Set

    Health & Beauty Sets

    Perfect travel-sized items that also double as stocking stuffers.


    Last minute gifts for people who show up unannounced. Sugarfina champagne gummies.

    Food & Other Useful Stuff

    This list of last minute gifts for stragglers and other unannounced guests covers a lot of bases. You’ve got food, lotions & potions and straight up cash. What else does one need?

    What are some of the go-to stocking stuffers and spare gifts you keep on hand? Do tell! And don’t forget to share this post with your last-minute shopper friends!




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      • Patranila
        4 January 2016 / 12:38 PM

        Yes! They’re great! Happy New Year!

    1. 22 December 2017 / 12:25 PM

      Having a spare gift is such a smart idea. We learned the hard way when we had to scramble out the other night before a last minute dinner we were invited to. Although I must say, if I had some champagne bears around the house, they would be MINE! lol

      • Patranila
        22 December 2017 / 1:01 PM

        I know right! I could never give them away. 😉

    2. 24 December 2017 / 1:00 PM

      Great ideas!! I need to remember to always to something like this on hand. It’ll also relieve the stress of a hostess give for a last-minute invite.

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