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I love good jewelry. What’s more, I love lots of good jewelry delivered right to my door! So when Rocksbox asked if I’d like to try their jewelry subscription box, I raised both hands and shouted ‘yes please!’ What’s even better is my ‘yes’ means a ‘yes’ for you too! Keep reading my friend, keep reading!


The Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Review

I’m sure you’re familiar with subscription boxes but if you’re not, here’s how they work. You set up an account, complete a style profile by choosing things you like and then relax while a style expert selects pieces based on your taste and ships them to you. With Rocksbox, you can try out the pieces while you decide what you want to keep. Once you’ve chosen the gorgeous jewelry you can’t imagine living without, you click ‘Buy’ on your profile and send the rest back. The next month, you get to choose more jewelry from an all new collection. It’s like having a personal jewelry shopper who knows just what you like!

Free month of rocksbox.

Rocksbox free month of jewelry
Nakamol Cream & Gold Wrap Bracelet from Rocksbox.

For my first month, my stylist, Madison, selected a gold-toned collection based on the Nakamol wrap bracelet pictured above. I chose a similar wrap bracelet while completing my profile so picking this piece as a foundation made perfect style sense. Here’s what I got:

  • Nakamol Cream & Gold Wrap Bracelet
  • Perry Street Ella Necklace
  • Gorjana Esme Cutout Stud Earrings
Get a free rocksbox
‘Ella’ by Perry Street
Free Rocksbox
‘Esme’ by Gorjana

As you can see, each piece is lovely. I’m usually a silver girl when it comes to jewelry but I chose a mixture of silver and gold on my profile so I could have more styling options and I’m glad I did. I love the selection and I especially like the wrap bracelet; it’s totally me!

When I first saw the earrings I thought, ‘oh those are definitely too small’ but when I tried them on, I quickly changed my mind. They’re very delicate and understated in the best way possible. (That’s kind of like me too. Oh Madison, you know me well!)

Which brings me to the Ella necklace by Perry Street. It’s a beautiful necklace to be sure but has a bit more sparkle than I would normally wear. However, when paired with a simple tee and jeans, it dresses up the look without being over-the-top.

Rocksbox - Perry Street 'Ella'
Ella layered with a pendant necklace.

I took that laid back approach a step further and layered Ella with a long pendant necklace that’s one of my current favorites and I think they play quite well together! What do you think?

Overall, my first Rocksbox experience has been a smashing success! Now here’s the part you’ll really love. For a limited time, Rocksbox is offering a free one-month subscription to you my lovely reader when you sign up with the code: PATRANILAXOXO. How much time is a limited time? I’ll say this: don’t dawdle darling! Head on over to Rocksbox right now and have your first box on its way to you today! It’s summertime and wedding season after all and you’ll want to, ahem, #BeYourBrightest!

Until next time, stay saucy!




  1. Those pieces are gorgeous! I've heard a lot of great things about Rocksbox lately.

  2. These subscription boxes are popping up everywhere. This jewelry one is new to me though.

  3. I love the necklace – very unique! I also normally go for silver or white gold, but the combination here is attractive.

  4. The jewelry pieces are gorgeous. I don't wear jewelries a lot, though, but mybdaughter would love this.

  5. Now this is a subscription box I could totally get with. I'm feeling that necklace.

  6. Sounds like a great subscription box, my sister subscribes as well. Love the way you styled your jewelry!

  7. That's a really great idea! I can't be trusted to find my own jewelry… You should see some of the stuff I come up with… So this is the perfect solution for me! – Jerusha,

  8. That's neat! Very pretty necklace. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but might if I had a subscription box.

  9. I really like everything, especially since they cover you from glam to casual. It looks like a fun subscription box!

  10. All of this jewelry is beautiful! I love the way you photographed these pieces!

  11. This is great. I used to wear a lot of accessories, but I haven't too much lately. I have the same jewelry I usually wear almost everyday.

  12. I need this in my life. I am always accessorizing, but I would be afraid I would want to keep it all.

  13. I love the layered look and the bracelets! I am just getting back into gold vs all silver. Nothing like coming home to a package of goodies!

  14. I love it! Jewelry is my favorite thing to get and to get them in a box would be great I like small earrings for everyday ventures but not for going out

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