Monsieur Big And More Lancome Beauty Goodness


I so enjoy beauty discoveries, don’t you? However, with so many beauty products released each season, it can be hard to unearth the best of the best. That’s why I look first to brands that already produce one of my Holy Grail products. Today that’s Lancôme. My Holy Grail product by Lancôme is the Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. It is, hands down, the best eye makeup remover ever and I’ve used it for years. Years! I also really like their Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner, it’s a dry-skinned girl’s dream.

Which brings me to my new skincare find from Lancôme, Énergie De Vie Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care, which, in case you couldn’t tell from the name, is a moisturizer.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a liquid moisturizer before (dry skin = cream moisturizers) so I must admit, it took me a minute to figure out what this product was! Now that I’ve figured it out, I’ve grown to like it very much. It provides lots of hydration and leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth and soft.  


What’s In The Lancome Goody Box

My next beauty discovery from Lancôme is the new Monsieur Big Mascara. You know I love a luscious lash and Monsieur Big delivers lots of rich volume and super black lashes. And it’s super long-lasting!


I wore it to bed one night and woke up with fully in-tact lash drama. Total win!

What about you? Do you have any new beauty discoveries that are becoming fast favorites? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

Stay saucy my lovely!

*Products gifted by Lancôme for testing and review.




    1. Patranila says:

      Oh no! I would imagine using a little eye makeup remover before your regular carpet cleaner would work just fine.

  1. I was gifted the mascara and it is amazing! I was contemplating on getting lash extensions but there’s no need for that with this specific mascara.

    1. Patranila says:

      Yes! The mascaras are so good these days that lash extensions are unnecessary. Especially since everyone is doing individual lashes which take so many to get a good result.

  2. The Olay Luminous Overnight Mask is becoming my favorite in my collection.

    1. Patranila says:

      Oh yeah? I’ve never tried it. I’ll put it on my list!

  3. I see those lashes popping! Love it… I love a good mascara… Thanks for sharing…

  4. I can see the eyelashes, i like the fact that they last long, its a pan to have to keep reapplying makeup that you have already put on. I haven’t used Lancome products by my mother loves them.

  5. My aunts love Lancome I heard they’re amazing unfortunately I can’t use them.

  6. I’m interested in how the liquid moisturizer would be. I really have got to invest more in my skin care!

  7. I’ve recently invested in my skin care. I got a charcoal mask and a few others that having my face feeling baby soft.

  8. I’m using the Olay Luminous right now and I’m loving it. My skin looks clear. You look good girl. I need this mascara.

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