Diamond Tears Amp Your Sound and Style

I love a double-duty gadget and I’m super excited about the wave of high-tech gadgets and gear designed to double as ultra stylish accessories. It’s a Gadget & Glamour Girl’s dream come true and makes planning everyday looks much more fun! I just got a pair of the head turning Monster Diamond Tears Headphones and I fully consider them to be a snazzy addition to my jewelry and accessories wardrobe. A pair of headphones as jewelry? Yep. They’re gorgeous!

Amp Your Style with Diamond Tears Headphones

I’ve paired my new rose gold headphones with some of my favorite jewelry, old and new, and it’s a match made in heaven. Historically, my metals of choice for jewelry have been silver and white gold, but the recent resurgence of rose gold has won my heart. The rose tone is both sparkling and soothing to me. Major win.


For my Diamond Tears maiden voyage, I layered a vintage necklace (worn as a bracelet) that I swiped from my mom’s jewelry box, with a rose gold Happy Nugget Bracelet from Folli Follie and added a giant rose gold ring for extra oomph. And even though my ears are covered while wearing the headphones, I couldn’t leave them out so for swing factor, I slid on a pair of dangling earrings from New York & Co. Though not technically rose gold, the earrings work well with the headphones. Too much? Maybe. But what’s life without a little excess every now and then!


Amp Your Sound with Diamond Tears Headphones

Diamond Tears by Monster deliver crisp, clear sound through Pure Monster Sound Technology and the pillow soft cushions keep your ears comfy while providing excellent noise isolation. In the box are all the cables you need for different devices, one Apple and one Universal, and there’s even a MusicShare cable so a very close friend can listen to your music with you! Fancy.


How To Score a Pair of Diamond Tears For Yourself

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Diamond Tears Headphones by Monster amp your sound and your style!


  1. These headphones are so cute! I issue that I usually run into with headphones versus is earphones is that headphones almost never fit over my hair!

  2. Valerie Robinson says:

    I love them! So cute and stylish! Love the gold!

  3. I don’t use headphones, but these are really cute. My college-aged niece would love these.

  4. These headphones are so cute! They look like they would go with everything!

    1. Patranila says:

      Trust me, they do!

  5. These are so cute! They would look great with my gym attire 😉

    1. Patranila says:

      Athleisure accessory for sure!

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