Celebrity Style Watch: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock. She is one of the few actresses whose movies I can watch over and over again and never tire. Every time The Proposal comes on TV I watch it. Even though it’s usually on FX Network and they butcher the film something terrible, I still sit through it and wait for the scene when she dances in the woods with Betty White. And the scene when they’re on the boat and she finally realizes the magnitude of what she’s asked Andrew to do. I should buy a copy and stop torturing myself.

I also love Practical Magic in which I think she may have channeled an actual witch’s power because that’s the only way I’d sit through multiple viewings of a Nicole Kidman film. But still I watch. She’s magnetic.

I was hooked the moment she zoomed into our lives on that runaway bus with Keanu Reeves. We all were.

Sandra Bullock is also quite captivating on the red carpet. She loves bright colors and an off-the-shoulder moment. She goes from easy-going girl next door to sexy and strong with effortless ease. This collection takes a look at some of my favorite red carpet looks. Here’s to style inspiration!

What’s your favorite Sandra Bullock style moment? And what’s your favorite Sandra Bullock film? Drop a comment and let me know!

Stay saucy!

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  1. I’ve always adored Sandra Bullock. Her style is always so classy!

  2. I LOVE the proposal too! I am also a fan of Practical magic and Blindside.

  3. I love Sandra Bullock too. She so pretty, yet seems so down to earth. My favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping.

  4. My favorite Sandra Bullock film I have to say is the proposal. I love her style in the film as well, is so woman business like and I just love a film with a strong woman as the protagonist.

  5. She attended college about 30 min from where I am from in NC. She went to ECU. I really like her too!

  6. hopscotch says:

    Sandra Bullock is a great actress and when it comes to her fashion, I know many girls who try to copy her because she is really beautiful.

  7. Sandra Bullock is the one of my favorite actress i love her all outfits and her make up was look her gorgeous sometimes i would copy her fashion when we have an occasions.

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