Winter Skincare: Fight the Hawk and Win!

The hawk is out and, in addition to freezing you to death, its mission is to turn you into a wrinkly, dry prune face. Don’t let the hawk win! Add these winter skincare tips to your arsenal so you can fight the good fight.

Winter Skincare

Extreme temperatures require extreme measures and climate is also a major factor in the choice of skincare products. I recently spent several weeks in California and my skin still hasn’t forgiven me. Desert living is no joke and I had to make major adjustments to my beauty regimen because of it. There was no way I could skip my nighttime moisturizing routine and some days I even added a mid-afternoon moisture boost by way of REN Skincare’s Flash Hydro Boost. This stuff is pure moisture magic.

If you’re moving to a different climate, even for a little while, download the Cast Beauty app that gives you personalized product recommendations based on your needs and your local climate/weather. Also check out more of my cold weather beauty tips that include hardware purchases you should consider.

Moisture masks

Whether you’re into creams or sheets, moisture masks are a must in winter. I have several go-to cream masks including the Ahava Hydration Cream Mask that I’ve raved about for years and recently I’ve added sheet masks to my routine. Sheet masks deliver megadoses of moisture with the added benefit of forcing me to sit still and relax for a few minutes. Applying a sheet mask is akin to a mini spa moment for me. Favorites include Florapy, SK II and the very affordable Masque Bar.

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Body Care

Just because your body is under wraps during the cold weather months, doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to it. Even though the rest of the world can’t see your skin, it’s still the skin you live in and should be as soft as ever.

Soft skin starts in the shower. I know there’s a temptation to take really long, hot showers in the winter but that’s not a great idea. Water that’s too hot only dries your skin further so I stick to warm water and use an extra moisturizing, oil-infused body wash like Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash. My skin feels amazing after showering and it’s really inexpensive to boot!

dove dry oil body wash

Rich hand creams are mandatory in winter. Especially with all that hand washing to stave off colds and flu. I keep several stashed all over the house and specifically a tube of Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream on my desk. I have the White Lily Extract but check out the Almond Milk as well.


When Your Skin Needs Extra Moisture

For times when chapped skin has set in, I turn to a probiotic-infused cream like Babytime Soothing Cream. Designed to treat a baby’s cradle cap and give developing skin the nutrients it needs, Babytime Soothing Cream works well on rough, dry skin that’s in need of a little more help than your everyday body lotion. Read my full review of Babytime Soothing Cream here and grab a tube for yourself.


Fighting the hawk is a battle you can definitely win. I have faith in you Lovely so slather up!

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